All you need is LOVE...and a DOG.

All you need is LOVE...and a DOG.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Repurposed Old Window

Several years ago my mother gave me this beautiful old window with a Chili Ristra  etched into the glass. It was a gorgeous piece of art and I wanted to display it in my home so bad, but unfortunately it didn't go with my current decor. I hated the thought of giving it away or having it sit in the garage for another 5 years collecting dust. I thought to myself how can I repurpose this into something else?

I am constantly trolling Pinterest and Design Sponge for inspiration and ideas. I found several really cool examples of chalkboards and decided that's what I wanted to do with the window. Part of me felt really guilty about going over my mom's hard work, so I called her to make sure she would be ok with it. She was fine with it and was glad to hear that I was finding a way to repurpose the window. I've read several blogs on how to make home made chalkboard paint, but I decided to buy the spray on version from Walmart. Alex is really good with spray paint and I thought it would be easier for both of us. I didn't take pictures of painting process....oops!

This is the finished chalkboard. It took 3 coats of the chalk spray paint to create a nice even coat. I let it dry for several hours in between coats. The window was originally white so I decided to give it some personality. I have been obsessed with anything Turquoise lately and raided Alex's acrylic paint in the garage. I used a basic dry brush technique and incorporated some water downed White paint into the Turquoise until I was happy with the end results. 
I decided to hang my new chalkboard in my bedroom for a fresh pop of color, and to my surprise with out even realizing it the chalkboard matches a vintage radio I have on my dresser. I secured basic craft rope with nails to the sides of the window before placing it on a Texas star hook my mom gave us.

I had Alex work his magic with a white chalkboard pen marker, he has some of the best free hand I have ever seen. It's also a great reminder to..."Always kiss me goodnight".

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