All you need is LOVE...and a DOG.

All you need is LOVE...and a DOG.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hi everyone... It's Christmas Eve and I have a few more things to do before santa comes. I finally finished all my christmas shopping, but I've still got some desserts to make for our Christmas dinner. I just wanted to share a few photos of what Christmas looks like at our house. 

I made a colorful holiday inspired wreath for my front door with items all purchased at the dollar store. I found an empty cake stand/punch bowl I wasn't using so I filled it up with leftover ribbon and ornaments.

This mini semi truck driven by santa is one of my favorite Christmas decorations.

You can tell we don't do just red & green in our house for Christmas...we do bright and colorful. Bentley looks so cute in his "Ho, Ho" bandanna.

This year I wrapped my gifts with this really cool Typography inspired wrapping paper by French Bull and tons of colorful wired ribbon.

I also printed these super cute gift tags online from {Eat Drink Chic}.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your families. 

Happy Holidays

Kc, Alex & Bentley


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Decoupage Reindeer

I made this super cute decoupage reindeer with some holiday inspired scrapbook paper, gold glitter and mod podge. I had fun doing this project but it was time consuming and challenging. The hardest part was getting the paper to lay smoothly around all the nooks and crannies of the antler's and reindeer body.

I purchased a paper mache reindeer from Beverly's in Rocklin. One of the best craft stores in Sacramento. 

I used 3 sheets of holiday inspired scrapbook paper to decoupage my reindeer. I ripped the paper into pieces and applied a liberal coating of decoupage to the back of the paper. After I covered the entire reindeer with the paper, I applied a generous coating of mod podge and let it dry. I then applied another light coating of mod podge and sprinkled gold glitter onto the reindeer. Most of the glitter will stick to the wet mod podge but some of it will fall off. After the glitter and mod podge have dried, I covered the entire reindeer with one more coat of mod podge to seal everything into place.

 *If you try to do this I suggest you do it on top of newspaper or somewhere where you can clean up all the excess glitter. 

This is the finished reindeer.

I also made an easy runner for the ottoman in our living room from some wired ribbon and fake snow like material I picked up at the dollar store.  I formed the ribbon into a ruffle and then hot glued it to the edge of the material. 

This is the final product. I love this picture that Alex took with the Reindeer perched on the ottoman with a candle burning and my fiber optic snowman glowing in the background.

Happy Holidays

Kc Jo


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter Wonderland Christmas Trees

I am so excited to share one of the many Christmas crafts I've completed over the past two weeks. This project was so fun, inexpensive and easy enough that it could be done with kids. 

I got the inspiration for this project from a blog called Creative in Chicago. She made these super cute cone trees out of cardboard and cotton balls and a little bling...too cute! Here is a link to the original post, and below is a picture of her finished tree.

I originally only planned to make one tree but after I completed the first one, I was addicted and wanted to make a few more. 

I bought 2 bags of cotton balls from the dollar store and pulled them apart into 2 pieces. I did this because the cotton balls were too big and fluffy on the tree form. I then shaped the pieces with my fingers into round circle like shapes.

 I made my tree forms from cardboard we had in the garage held in place with masking tape. I then hot glued the cotton balls to the cone shape. I found it was easier to pre-shape a bunch of cotton and then do a 1 to 2 inch strip of hot glue and then place several cotton pieces at a time.

I made 3 trees... 2 small and 1 large. The great thing about this project is that you can make 1 or a whole forest. I then decided to give each one of my trees a little personality. I used a combination of mini christmas tree lights, adhesive glitter dots and red felt ribbon. I used hot glue to make sure my ribbon and lights stayed in place.

The finished trees are absolutely adorable. They looked kinda naked just sitting on my table, so I used a sequenced mini tree skirt as a base for a whimsical holiday centerpiece. 

I hope this inspires you to make something wonderful. 

Kc Jo