All you need is LOVE...and a DOG.

All you need is LOVE...and a DOG.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Decoupage Reindeer

I made this super cute decoupage reindeer with some holiday inspired scrapbook paper, gold glitter and mod podge. I had fun doing this project but it was time consuming and challenging. The hardest part was getting the paper to lay smoothly around all the nooks and crannies of the antler's and reindeer body.

I purchased a paper mache reindeer from Beverly's in Rocklin. One of the best craft stores in Sacramento. 

I used 3 sheets of holiday inspired scrapbook paper to decoupage my reindeer. I ripped the paper into pieces and applied a liberal coating of decoupage to the back of the paper. After I covered the entire reindeer with the paper, I applied a generous coating of mod podge and let it dry. I then applied another light coating of mod podge and sprinkled gold glitter onto the reindeer. Most of the glitter will stick to the wet mod podge but some of it will fall off. After the glitter and mod podge have dried, I covered the entire reindeer with one more coat of mod podge to seal everything into place.

 *If you try to do this I suggest you do it on top of newspaper or somewhere where you can clean up all the excess glitter. 

This is the finished reindeer.

I also made an easy runner for the ottoman in our living room from some wired ribbon and fake snow like material I picked up at the dollar store.  I formed the ribbon into a ruffle and then hot glued it to the edge of the material. 

This is the final product. I love this picture that Alex took with the Reindeer perched on the ottoman with a candle burning and my fiber optic snowman glowing in the background.

Happy Holidays

Kc Jo


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